Nancy Powell is a past president of The Poetry Society of Virginia and current Executive Council member.  She chairs the 2018 PSV Book Award and the PSV Nominating Committee.  She is a member of American Pen Women

Ms. Powell hosts a poetry series at Iris Art Shop in Poquoson, Virginia ( ) that showcases Virginia poets from around the state.

She has published two books of poetry, How Far is Ordinary, by Mindworm Press in 2007 and The Blackbirds Tell Stories by San Francisco Bay Press in 2015 (  She is at work on her third book of poetry, The Baronets, which is based on the lives of the Baronets created in 1611 by James the First of England, as well as, working on a book of poetry about her childhood.

Ms. Powell’s work has appeared in numerous poetry journals and anthologies.  She was the poetry editor for Virginia Adversaria for three years, and was the assistant editor for for Skipping Stones, a yearly poetry anthology for the Tidewater area in Virginia.   She has been a proof reader for the journal, Poetica, Reflections of Jewish Thought, which is published out of Virginia Beach, and often edits manuscripts of poetry sent to her by other poets.  Most recently, she has edited the poetry collection, 49 Aspects of Human Emotion, by Alan Toltzis, which will be published in 2018.

She has done poetry workshops and presentations at a number of local libraries in the Hampton/Newport News/Williamsburg area, as well as at the Newport News Barnes & Noble bookstore.

Before moving to the Virginia Tidewater area in 1994 from upstate New York, she worked with the writer, Jean Rikoff, from Glens Falls Community College on their Expressions Magazine.  During her studies at Glens Falls Community College, she garnered awards for both her poetry and short stories.  While attending Skidmore College’s University without Walls, where she majored in 16/17th century English History, she attended Oxford University, (St. Ann’s College) in England with the ISISE Summer Program.

She has lived in England and Australia and has traveled throughout Europe, parts of Asia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. When not at her day job as Executive Assistant to the President of a manufacturing company, she can be found at home by the Hampton River and at Iris Art Shop in Poquoson, Virginia each month, hosting the poetry series.